I was recently diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes by my doctor, which was scary as I didn’t know what it meant or what it involved! What I did know was it meant a huge change in my life.
It meant changing my diet but I didn’t really understand how; it wasn’t as simple as just eating healthy or not eating sweets and chocolate.
I contacted Hayley who helped me massively and within a day I had my blood sugars under control. Just some small pieces of advice made such a big difference.
Hayley made me feel more confident about what I was eating and what I could try, she helped me understand the different elements involved and what I needed to add, remove or keep in my diet and how I could manage the other elements so I didn’t completely loose out on eating what I like.
From something that seemed so big, after one hour with Hayley seemed so easy with her advice.

R Brooks, Charminster