Testing and Supplements

As part of your programme your nutritional therapist may recommend functional testing and/or supplements to provide further support to your diet and lifestyle changes.

Functional testing

Functional testing provides important information to your Nutritional Therapist in order for them to better personalise your programme. Functional testing is provided by many different laboratories and includes testing for specific health areas such as hormones, digestive health, nutritional status, genetics and much more.

Testing is recommended only when the results will provide significant information that will aid in improving the personalisation of your programme.

DUTCH complete hormone testHormone testing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The DUTCH complete hormone test is offered via Regenerous Laboratories. The test provides valuable insight into your hormonal status, including sex, stress and sleep hormones. This test is included as standard in both the ‘Hormone hero’ and ‘Hormone hero PLUS’ packages. Please ask your Nutritional Therapist for more information about this test.

Please note that many other functional tests are available and will be recommended based on your individual needs and will be at an additional cost.

Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements may be recommended to support your programme. Your nutritional therapist will provide you with information regarding the most suitable nutritional supplements for your requirements and will be able to order them on your behalf from a wide variety of different suppliers. Nutritional supplements will be provided at an additional cost.