What We Offer

One to one consultations are available in person at The Consulting Centre in Bournemouth or via Skype.

Free 15 minute consultation

Before committing to Nutritional Therapy, The Female Nutrition Centre offers a free 15 minute consultation. The purpose of this session is for you and your practitioner to discuss your goals and ensure Nutritional Therapy will suit your needs. It is also an opportunity for your practitioner to explain both Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine. There is no commitment following this consultation.

Should you wish to enter the programme, all information will be provided to you during this session.

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Should you decide that Nutritional Therapy is a route you want to take, you will be signed up to one of our packages.


The Female Nutrition Centre offer two packages (details below). Each package follows the same schedule;

How our nutrition service works

Healthy you package
This is the standard package and includes all consultations and nutritional therapy support as outlined in the schedule diagram.
Hormone hero package
This package follows the schedule outlined and also includes a Dutch Complete Hormone test offered by Regenerous Laboratories. Please see further details about this test and the benefits of the package under the ‘Testing and Supplements’ section.

Please see ‘How much does it cost’ section for full information of costs.

What happens next?

The above information is the minimum ‘sign up period’, should both you and your practitioner agree that you require more Nutritional Therapy support you will move on to a rolling programme that can run for as long as necessary.

Not looking for a package?

Why not opt for our ‘Single consultation’ option…. this gives you the flexibility to ‘pay as you go’ for your nutritional therapy consultations…. you can have a one off consultation or pay for as many as you need, as and when you need them. Please see ‘How much does it cost’ section for full information of costs and how to book.